June 2, 2023

Express Entry Category-based (Targeted) Draws Start in Summer 2023

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently announced that they will be introducing new occupation-based draws through the Express Entry immigration selection system. These draws will specifically target 82 occupations in five key fields. What’s more, candidates with strong French language abilities will also be given priority in the selection process. This significant update aims to make the Express Entry system more responsive to Canada’s evolving labor market needs. So, let’s delve deeper into this.

The following sectors have been identified as priority areas for immigration:

  1. Healthcare.
  2. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professions.
  3. Trades.
  4. Transport.
  5. Agriculture and Agri-Food.

To be eligible for consideration, candidates must have accumulated a minimum of six months of continuous work experience, either in Canada or abroad, within the past three years, in one of the professions from the list. For the French speakers, they must demonstrate a minimum score of 7 in all 4 language abilities in the TEF test, to be eligible for targeted draws.

Below you can find the full list of occupations:


  • 31112 Audiologists and speech language pathologists
  • 31201 Chiropractors
  • 31110 Dentists
  • 31121 Dieticians and nutritionists
  • 41320 Education counsellors
  • 31102 General practitioners and family physicians
  • 42203 Instructors of persons with disabilities
  • 31204 Kinesiologists and other professional occupation in therapy and assessment
  • 32101 Licensed practical nurses
  • 32201 Massage therapists


  • 21200 Architects
  • 20011 Architecture and science managers
  • 21221 Business systems specialists
  • 21300 Civil Engineers
  • 20012 Computer and information systems managers
  • 21311 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
  • 21230 Computer systems developers and programmers
  • 21220 Cybersecurity specialists
  • 21211 Data scientists
  • 21223 Database analysts and data administrators


  • 73200 Residential and commercial installers and servicers
  • 72406 Elevator constructors and mechanics
  • 72405 Machine fitters
  • 72402 Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics
  • 72400 Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics
  • 72310 Carpenters
  • 72300 Plumbers
  • 72200 Electricians (except industrial and power system)
  • 72106 Welders and related machine operators
  • 72014 Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers and servicers


  • 93200 Aircraft assemblers and aircraft assembly inspectors
  • 73300 Transport truck drivers
  • 72604 Railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators
  • 72603 Engineer officers, water transport
  • 72602 Deck officers, water transport
  • 72601 Air traffic controllers and related occupations
  • 72600 Air pilots, flight engineers and flying instructors
  • 72404 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors
  • 72403 Railway carmen/women
  • 70020 Managers in transportation


  • 82031 Contractors and supervisors, landscaping, grounds maintenance and horticulture services
  • 82030 Agricultural service contractors and farm supervisors
  • 63201 Butchers- retail and wholesale

If you’re interested in immigrating to Canada and belong to one of the targeted occupation categories, I recommend that you create an Express Entry profile once you meet the requirements of one of the federal programs. If you require assistance, book a consultation to discuss your unique case at bulantseva.immigration@gmail.com. Good luck!